Jiu Jitsu for Kids.

Jiu Jitsu Prepares Kids For Life’s Challenges.

We are proud of the culture and the spirit we encourage in our kids program at The Base Jiu Jitsu! We believe in a balance of structure, discipline, fun, and play. Jiu Jitsu should be a reflection of your lifestyle. Every class starts with body mechanics and tumbling awareness, followed by instruction, rolling (sparring), and a game. Currently our kids program is an All Ages setting. The age range for the kids program is 7 – 14 years old. This gives young kids the opportunity to look up to our slightly older teens as mentors to aspire to as the teens transition into the Adult Classes. Kids classes can get very busy so we have at least 2-3 adult coaches on the mats for supervision.

Our Curriculum. We encourage our kids with our teaching style to instill a sense of constant growth of their Jiu Jitsu, while still keeping it playful. Belt progression is determined by a balanced mixture of attendance, attention and participation of the student in the instruction setting and as a partner for others, character off the mat, and skill improvement.

Sign Up. There is an iPad at the front desk where the parent or guardian will register their child for a kids membership and sign their liability waiver. Once this is complete the kids are welcome to join us on the mats!

Equipment. Kids receive a free Jiu Jitsu gi with their first month of membership. We also offer kids team apparel, patches, stickers, and accessories. We encourage the kids to wear a mouth guard and have a rash guard and board shorts for the no gi class on Thursdays.

On The Mats. Students must bow onto and off of the matted area. No shoes or socks are allowed. The student should introduce themselves to their instructor before class begins and to their partner when drilling techniques. The student should have their gi on correctly and their belt tied. During class kids will learn how a Jiu Jitsu match is scored which gives them an idea of positional hierarchy, defensive techniques, how to apply and tap out to submissions. We like to keep the kids working hard but also having fun. We hope you will join us!

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Jiu Jitsu Can Change Your Life. See You At The Base!

Kids Receive A Free Gi & Unlimited Kids Classes 5 Days A Week.

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