• Mitch Coats
    Mitch Coats Founder

    Founder of The Base Training Center, Mitch Coats has been a successful Jiu Jitsu practitioner and competitor. Blazed the trail for Jiu Jitsu in the Treasure Valley and established The Base in 2005. Mitch is a third degree black belt under Alexendre “Gigi” Paiva from Alliance Jiu Jitsu. He is currently pursuing his Juris Doctorate and plans on attending law school at the University of Idaho but still drops in on The Base.

  • BJ Buttars
    BJ Buttars Owner/Head Instructor

    BJ achieved black belt under Mitch Coats, a 3rd degree black belt under Alliance, in 2016. BJ is the Owner of The Base and Head Instructor. Competes regularly in tournaments throughout the region. Has placed at multiple IBJJF and US Grappling tournaments including the Seattle Open, Denver Open and the Richmond Submission Only.

  • Jacob Schofield
    Jacob Schofield Instructor

    Jacob achieved black belt under Mitch Coats in 2015 and ran the kids Jiu Jitsu program at The Base for years. Jacob still runs a kids competition class once a week and teaches adult fundamentals. He competes regularly around the region with his son Ares who is an orange belt. He placed second at the Vegas Open and other IBJJF tournaments.

  • Chris Dealy
    Chris Dealy Owner/Head Instructor (Vancouver)

    Chris Dealy achieved black belt under Mitch Coats in 2015. He is the owner and head coach of The Base Vancouver. He has grown his academy to over 100 students in Vancouver, OR and competes regularly around the region. He has placed at IBJJF, The Revolution, and Sub League tournaments.

  • Nick Beuter
    Nick Beuter Instructor

    Nick has wrestled since he was 4 years old. He has competed and placed nationally in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a Brown Belt and internationally as a wrestler for Boise State University. Nick runs our Thursday Wrestling & conditioning classes. He achieved his jiu jitsu black belt in 2018 at The Base.

  • Tom Steele
    Tom Steele Instructor

    Tom began training at Gracie Barra in Seattle, WA and received his blue and purple belt from Rodrigo Lopes. After movie to Idaho, he began training at The Base and received his Black Belt from BJ Buttars in 2018. Tom teaches our All Levels Noon Classes and competes & trains regularly throughout the country.

  • Cory Colt
    Cory Colt Instructor

    Cory received his Jiu Jitsu Black Belt at the Base from Mitch Coats in 2018 but has been teaching kids jiu jitsu classes for much longer. Cory has been a big part of the kids success leading them to 6 kids team titles at the local Northwest Submission Challenge. His dedication and hard work with them is apparent in their performance on and off the mats.

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