Jiu Jitsu Is For Everyone.

Most people who are looking into jumping into martial arts are looking for one of three things: Self Defense, Self Confidence, and Physical Fitness. The majority of Jiu Jitsu students are usually not interested in competing, even though most academy owners and teachers would encourage it. Even if you never compete, Jiu Jitsu is an excellent way to be efficient with what little time we have in our lives today. Classes usually run for about an hour and will encourage many aspects of personal growth including getting in shape by losing weight, your ability to learn and problem solve, increasing self confidence, developing an effective martial skill that may be needed in a self defense situation.

Our fundamentals classes start off with stretching and body mechanic drills to get us in shape to perform Jiu Jitsu, followed by technical instruction under close personal supervision, and will sometimes close with some controlled situational sparring. We recommend at least two to three months of fundamentals class, attending 3 times a week, before you participate in open mat. The hardest part of any new adventure is getting started.

The Base Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp
BJJ fundamentals class with Professor Ben

To make it as simple as possible for you to get started and possibly change your lifestyle, we offer a FREE Jiu Jitsu Gi ($120 value) with your first month’s membership, and one FREE Private Lesson with one of our experienced instructors to make sure you are comfortable before attending general classes!

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